Intro - Precision Rifle


The Lead Instructors of Quiet Professional Defense are comprised of a variety of current and former military and law enforcement Subject Matter Experts.  Our instructing staff as a whole has a variety of experience across several branches of the armed forces, including Army Special Forces, Marine Corps Force Recon, and Air Force Pararescue.  Some instructors also have many years experience in local and Federal law enforcement.  These instructors hold a plethora of certifications, including but not limited to: Special Operations Training Group CQB and Sniper instructor, Marine Scout Sniper, Recon Marine, Marine Methods of Entry Breacher, Marine Combatant Diver, Army Airborne, Military Freefall, Army Jumpmaster, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Marine Combat Marksmanship Instructor, Shoothouse Instructor, Breaching Instructor, Precision Rifle Instructor, NRA Rifle & Pistol instructor, as well as NMDPS Concealed Handgun License instructor.  Others in our staff are also certified armorers for various firearms including Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Colt, FN and H&K.  The comprehensive experience our staff has provides students with an in-depth, extensive and realistic learning experience.

*For Law Enforcement, resumes available upon request.


Quiet Professional Defense was created in 2013 when a group of like-minded individuals saw a need for professionally taught defensive training in the southwest.  We have focused on Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, bringing our exceptional training curriculum and experience to create courses that will benefit all shooters alike.